Court ruling threatens delay of CA carbon market

At the request of our clients, on Tuesday February 8 at 8:15 CA time (11:15 NY time/16:15 London time/17:15 Paris time) we will hold a 30-minute, executive briefing on AIR v. CARB and its implications for the Californian carbon market. 

If you have not already been provided with dial-in details for this call, please sign up by clicking here and we will send them through.

We are pleased that Tim O'Connor of the Environmental Defense Fund, who wrote an amicus brief in this case, and another outside speaker from industry will join us for the discussion.

Background on Association of Irritated Residents et al v. California Air Resources Board

In AIR v. CARB, Judge Goldsmith is proposing to decide that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) failed to properly analyze the impacts and alternatives contained in the AB32 Scoping Plan, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA, the California environmental impact assessment statute). Thus, the proposed decision would require CARB to modify its environmental impact assessment to conform it with CEQA and, in the meantime, suspend the implementation of AB32's Scoping Plan.  As part of the call, we will discuss what potential delays in the implementation of a cap-and-trade program could result from the decision.


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