Game changer: Linklaters launches ground-breaking eSignature service in Italy

Clients will now be able to execute agreements purely digitally on Italian deals, using a technology that maximises enforceability of contracts both in terms of how they will be treated before Italian courts, and the number of jurisdictions electronical signatures will be valid in.

Linklaters has partnered with DocuSign, one of the global leading providers, to offer an integrated eSignature and identity verification service.

Before signing for the first time each signatory will have its identity instantaneously certified through a real-time video conversation with an operator, without leaving the platform, and in few minutes. By having all parties signing with certified identity, contracts can be executed via ‘qualified electronic signature’ (QES), which provides the highest level of security and is recognised under Italian law and internationally.

In this note, we will go through the different classes of electronic signatures are and explain how they work and how they are recognised and enforced under Italian law. We will also provide some practical tips and information. Feel free to contact us for further information or a practical demonstration of how electronic signing works in the context of a deal and how the system not only addresses logistic issues, but also significantly reduces timing and increases certainty and quality of delivery.

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esignature report

Click on the image above for a general overview of all key elements of electronic signature available under Italian law.