Spring 2018 Trustee Agenda

Welcome to our spring 2018 edition of Trustee Agenda.

The beginning of 2018 has seen a good deal of activity on the pensions front: amongst  other things a range of pensions cases has moved through the courts and we have seen further progress on the draft standards for professional trustees – with an expectation that the final standards will apply from later this spring.

Pensions and social investment has been a topic of debate for many years and we bring  you up to date with the government’s interim response to the Law Commission’s 2017  report on social investment and the likely next steps. Developments in relation to auto-enrolment and cybersecurity issues for pension schemes, also feature in this edition.  Finally, as evidenced by the vast range of topics in our ‘on the horizon’ table, we expect the remainder of 2018 to continue to be every bit as busy for pensions.

In this issue:
  • Round-up of recent cases 
  • New standards for professional trustees
  • Update on social investment 
  • Update on auto-enrolment 
  • Cybersecurity issues for pension schemes
  • On the horizon

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