Summer 2020 Investor Agenda

Welcome to our Summer 2020 edition of Investor Agenda.

And what a strange Summer it is looking to be: We hope all our readers are well and not finding the lockdown too wearying.

Covid-19 has of course dominated all agendas for some time now, and Investor Agenda is no different. In this edition we therefore look at some of the practical dilemmas, brought on by the Covid-19 situation, that we are seeing our trustee clients currently facing in relation to their pension scheme investments: firstly, what are trustees of defined contribution schemes doing when faced with a fund which has suspended dealing (as some recently have done); and secondly, what trustees are doing where they feel pre-agreed investment decisions are no longer the top priority and could themselves create new risks.

We hope you find this edition of Investor Agenda interesting and useful. As always, we are delighted to receive any feedback and discuss any of the issues raised.

Finally, do watch out for our "soon to be released" webinar, in which we discuss managing the key legal issues and risks for pension scheme trustees, when considering investing into pooled fund structures as part of their investment strategy.

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