Information Management and Data Protection

There are now data protection laws in more than 90 countries around the world. And the regulation of data is no longer confined to traditional data privacy regimes: cyber security laws, data disclosure rules like “MiData” and new international data sharing regimes such as FATCA and its siblings – to name just a few examples - make the regulation of data more complex than ever before and reach into new industries and sectors.

These new and innovative regulatory regimes sit alongside – not always comfortably – more traditional requirements such IP licensing and ownership, bankers and other professionals duties of confidence and confidentiality regimes.

When looking at the legal issues relating to data you need a team who don’t look at just one of these issues in isolation, but can knit together these often competing requirements.

Supporting clients

Our global team are experts in the law governing information management compliance, data loss and data protection. We understand the complexities of privacy regulation and assist major multinational companies and financial institutions to manage legal, regulatory and operational risk. Our expertise includes not just data protection, but also the complex and often conflicting duties of professional and banking secrecy, privilege (legal and non-legal) and related areas ensuring we provide a comprehensive view of information management issues and risk mitigation.

We have a proven track record of advising on complex, multi-jurisdictional information management projects. Vast experience of data protection allows the group to benchmark clients against current market standards and to assess what constitutes an acceptable level of risk. The team have developed strong links with regulators across the world, which means that we are aware of likely future regulatory developments and can prepare clients accordingly.