Market and Sector Investigations

Competition authorities around the world are increasingly turning their attention to markets which are perceived as not operating in the best interests of consumers.

Authorities are undertaking investigations of entire market sectors rather than focusing their investigations on the alleged anticompetitive behaviour of the players within those markets.

Market and sector investigations can be extremely burdensome to the companies involved and can last for several years. The outcome of the investigation can have a significant impact on the market participants.

Linklaters’ Antitrust & Foreign Investment team is at the forefront of advising clients on dealing effectively with market and sector investigations.

 At the EU level, we have advised leading industry players on all the major European Commission sector inquiries to date (e-commerce, healthcare, energy, telecoms and financial services) and many key national investigations including in the energy, groceries, banking and fuel sectors. Specifically in the UK, we have advised on most of the market studies and market investigations undertaken to date.