Specialised practitioners across Europe, Asia and the Americas are available around the clock to seek or defend injunctions at a moment’s notice. Leading global companies and financial institutions depend on Linklaters’ ability to respond decisively and simultaneously across jurisdictions. The Injunction Task Force moves swiftly to protect clients’ rights and assets or to remove needless obstacles to the completion of major transactions.

Injunctive relief can provide urgent protection when valuable rights or assets are unexpectedly threatened. Global companies require global protection; Linklaters is ideally placed to provide it.

When counter-parties abuse the availability of ex parte injunctive relief to obtain illegitimate bargaining power, clients also require a decisive cross-border response. Linklaters’ Injunction Task Force has a proven track record of rapidly overturning ill-gotten injunctions to allow the completion of large and complex transactions.

Recent injunction cases include advising:
  • a major telecoms company following a threatened injunction to prevent the multi-billion dollar sale of its shares
  • a major Russian oil drilling company in cross-border international litigation in connection with a corporate dispute and the challenge of the world-wide freezing order
  • a major telecoms company in relation to two sets of injunction and arbitration proceedings arising from a joint venture agreement in Sudan
  • an energy company seeking protection in the transport of nuclear materials (by land, sea or rail), and representing it in interlocutory proceedings against defendants for injunctions restraining the latter from interfering with the carriage of such materials
  • Auchan, owner of one of the biggest shopping centres in Portugal, in an injunction started by the constructor of the shopping centre
  • an international bank to obtain an injunction preventing the imminent sale of the bank’s assets illegally seized by a Russian company