Introducing our Fintech Global Year in Review 2020 & Year to Come 2021 and Technology Legal Outlook 2021

As part of our annual Year in Review, Year to Come campaign, we have published two complementary end of year reports looking at global legal and regulatory developments in fintech and the broader tech sector.

Global Fintech Year in Review 2020 & Year to Come 2021

For the third year running we have published a Fintech Global Year in Review, Year to Come report.

This publication summarises key legal and regulatory developments in the fintech space and addresses global, EU and country specific developments for 16 jurisdictions. Our review covers the full breadth of the fintech legal spectrum, from the development of alternative payment models, stablecoins and central bank digital currencies, to the increasing regulatory burden on Fintechs and BigTechs, through to the latest trends in tech investments, funding, and the regulation of data. Looking at the year to come from a thematic perspective we have also identified 7 key predictions.

Visit our Fintech Global YIR,YTC 2021 landing page for our predictions, to download the publication and for more details of our global fintech key contacts and other fintech content.

Technology Legal Outlook 2021

For the second year running we have also produced a publication looking at broader themes affecting tech companies, digital markets and emerging tech.

After the seismic events of 2020, the new year offers new hope for tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, for economic recovery and for “building back better”. Technology and data will continue to have a critical role in all aspects of the global economy, and this will present opportunities and challenges for tech companies. Businesses will be the subject of increased scrutiny and will need to navigate a climate of heightening risk and increasing regulation of the digital economy.

In our Technology Legal Outlook 2021 we explore the key global trends that we believe will shape the legal outlook for businesses in 2021, exploring the macro-themes of: “The shifting global dynamic”, “Viewing the future through an ESG lens” and “Regulation and redress in the digital economy”.

Visit our Tech Outlook 2021 landing page for more details of our publication and tech-focused key contacts across our key practice areas and to download a copy of the report.

Broader Year in Review Year to Come Campaign

Visit our “The World in 2021” landing page to access the full suite of our Year in Review & Year to Come content - country-by-country and also by topic (using the “legal topic” filter).