The blockchain journey and driving fintech through data

In a world where Fintech is shaping the future, the role of the lawyer is increasingly taking centre stage.

Touching on topics such as blockchain, DLTs, cybersecurity and data protection, Linklaters partner, Jonathan Horan and counsels, Adrian Fisher and Peiying Chua explore the key trends and challenges of the latest Fintech developments, for both the legal and financial world.


Blockchain technology made its debut in the form of bitcoin, but its use cases have been touted to extend far beyond the world of cryptocurrency. Its proliferation has also caught the attention of regulators and lawmakers around the world. But, is blockchain technology here to stay? Linklaters partner, Jonathan Horan and counsel Peiying Chua give us a rundown on the latest trends, challenges and successes of this much-hyped technology.




Efficient and effective use of data creates opportunities to engage with customers in new ways and build new product types and distribution channels. But with such rapid advances in Fintech, the regulatory scrutiny and ethical considerations can make implementing the required technology challenging. Linklaters Counsel, Adrian Fisher believes that awareness and collaboration are the key to building solutions that are both compliant and responsible.