The sprint towards ever greater state interventionism

We were already discussing the rise of state interventionism before the pandemic. The introduction and expansion of foreign investment regimes globally including US reforms to CFIUS, the French-German call for national champions and important projects of common European interest (IPCEIs) are all testament to this trend.

But the health crisis has added momentum to these developments and provided fertile ground for new forms of intervention.

What does this mean for companies trying to recover from the crisis? Here are the key things that we expect to see more of over the coming months.

“Since the start of the health crisis, foreign investment control regimes across the globe have rapidly become more burdensome. Investors are starting to see the effects, but there is still more to come.”

Christoph Barth

Partner, Düsseldorf
Christoph Barth
Annamaria Mangiaracina

“Companies receiving public aid in Europe shouldn’t be surprised if they end up implementing the EU’s political green agenda.”

Annamaria Mangiaracina

Partner, Brussels
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