The Culture Series: The Linklaters Culture Conference

On 2 July 2019, we hosted our Culture Conference: a full day conference focusing on workplace culture, with various panel sessions discussing: (i) what does ‘culture’ mean for businesses; (ii) diversity and inclusion; (iii) the regulatory landscape, whistleblowing and Listen Up! (iv) remuneration and incentives; (v) governance and leadership; and (vi) wellbeing and psychological safety.

For each panel session, we were joined by key speakers from various industry bodies, sectors and regulators. We are pleased to share our key takeaways video below, where the panel chairs share their highlights from their session.


At the start of the day, I asked the audience to describe what culture means to them. The word cloud below shows the results, with the most popular words shown in larger text.



At the end of the day, I asked the audience the same question. After discussing the key components of workplace culture throughout the day, the results (as seen below) demonstrated a shift from “values” and “behaviour”, to “transparency” and “care”, with “leadership” remaining a key component.




Take a look at our Culture Conference website for more information and materials from the day.