Technology Legal Outlook 2020

Technology Legal Outlook 2020

As part of our annual Year in Review, Year to Come campaign, we have produced a Technology Legal Outlook 2020 publication. This publication looks at six global themes relating to tech companies, digital markets and emerging tech. It provides an overview of the key legal, risk and regulatory issues at a time of increasing scrutiny and regulation and a climate of heightened risk. We cover regulation of Big Tech, data and AI, tech investments, tax and employment issues and cyber warfare.

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6 Technology Predictions for 2020

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Looking from a global perspective we have identified 6 key predictions for the year to come.


Employment and incentives

Tech companies face a myriad of employment-related issues: from the impact of the gig economy on employee, worker and independent-contractor status, to the challenges associated with ultra-rapid growth and the impact on governance and workplace culture. The competition for talent requires attractive incentives for founders and employees  that best serve the interest of the companies in the short term and for longer term growth.

Artificial Intelligence, ethics and intellectual property

As artificial intelligence moves into the mainstream, it raises a number of practical, legal and ethical challenges. Regulators will need to engage with these challenges in 2020 in a number of industries and we consider the approach they may take. AI also poses a specific legal issue with respect to its patentability, challenging whether the existing legal frameworks are fit for purpose.

Global Fintech Year in Review 2019 and Year to Come 2020

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