Remote work what next?

We would like to draw your attention to the solutions that are available for the broadly-defined remote work. They include: (i) remote work under the conditions of counteracting COVID-19 (with a limited period of availability as of today), (ii) occasional remote work (the so-called "home office", "homeworking", "work from home") or (iii) telework. In our opinion, remote work will continue to operate in workplaces permanently, in various dimensions and forms, depending on the specificity of the company and the epidemiological situation.
Remote work under the conditions of counteracting COVID-19 on the basis of applicable provisions of the special legislation (Act of March 2, 2020 on special solutions related to the prevention, counteracting and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them) is available (currently) only until September 4, 2020.
For these reasons, we have pointed out the key issues that in our opinion are worth considering when deciding on the continuation or evolution of remote work:

  • What's next? The benefits of remote work.
  • How to regulate remote work?
  • Risks of remote work.
  • Personal data protection issues. PUODO guidelines.

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