Spring 2019 - Pensions Case Law Update

Welcome to the eighth edition of the Linklaters Dispute Resolution Group’s Pensions Case Law Update.

The aim of this publication is to provide a look back and commentary on recent cases that have come before the courts and to look ahead to some of the key decisions on the horizon.

This edition looks at topics including:

  • Do trustees of occupational pensions schemes owe duties to the sponsoring employer?
  • When will transitional arrangements in pension reforms constitute unlawful age discrimination?

  • Do employees dismissed on the grounds of ill health automatically qualify for an ill health early retirement pension?

  • How should pension scheme rules be interpreted?

  • Do trustees need to equalise benefits in respect of GMPs?

  • When can trustees change from RPI to CPI?

  • How should old Inland Revenue limits be applied to members’ benefits?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the issues mentioned below or indeed any contentious issues on which the Linklaters Pension Dispute Resolution Group may be able to assist.

Download entire issue (as pdf)