Trustee Agenda Spring 2019

Welcome to 2019’s first edition of Trustee Agenda

As you will see, this is in a ‘refreshed’ format – we hope you like it!

The beginning of this year has seen a good deal of activity on the pensions front, with trustees facing a range of challenges over the coming months.

In this edition we look at changes to the way in which trustees obtain investment services from consultants and fiduciary managers; these changes result from investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority and are due to take effect later this year. Investment is also on the agenda for trustees of defined contribution schemes, for whom the government’s latest proposals on investment and consolidation will be of interest.

We also consider two recent cases – British Telecommunications plc v BT Pension Scheme Trustees Limited and Barnardo’s v Buckinghamshire; each of these focuses on the enduring topic of switching from the Retail Prices Index to the Consumer Prices Index for statutory revaluation and indexation increases. 

The Government has now published its response to last year’s consultation on strengthening the Pensions Regulator’s powers and we provide comment on that response and its likely impact on corporate transactions. Subject to Parliamentary time, changes are expected in a Pensions Bill later this year.

Finally, we provide a reminder of the steps required to convert GMPs into non-GMP benefits and attendant issues.

If there are any particular areas you would like to see featured in future editions of Trustee Agenda or if you have any comments on our refreshed format, then do please get in touch.

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