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Everything we have to offer you as an employer is influenced by our determination to be the leading premium global law firm. This ambition defines the quality of the work we do as a firm, but it also shapes the way we train and develop you as a lawyer. We look for ability, dedication and a global outlook in all our graduates because we know what it takes to succeed here. And the rewards are exceptional for those that do.

We are in business to meet the complex needs of the world’s top clients. Global capability gives us access to the most interesting markets, the most exciting deals and the most prominent clients. Everyone who works with us needs to identify with our global vision. Linklaters is the proving ground for a new breed of commercial lawyer who can work seamlessly across geographical boundaries. It takes cultural sensitivity, empathy and a good deal of flexibility, but the rewards for success are substantial.

If you are willing to apply your entrepreneurial skills, get unique global experience and opportunities for your professional development, then Linklaters is the right choice for you.

Inspiring confidence is central to everything at Linklaters. It helps to explain what makes us unique – for our clients, for our colleagues and for the local communities in which we work. If we inspire confidence in the fullest sense – earning and deserving the trust of our clients and fulfilling our potential as individuals – we will become the leading premium global law firm.

Taking into consideration our successful past we are completely sure about our direction for the future and know how to reach our goals. If you are going our way, join us to become a successful professional in an international team of Linklaters.

Make the right choice.

We offer training and career opportunity for talented and ambitions law students.  Notwithstanding the office, practice or country at Linklaters you will be surrounded by friendly and supportive environment. You will have an opportunity to learn from your colleagues, who are leaders in their practice areas.

During your two years with us you will work through the carefully designed training programme aimed at development of your professional skills and knowledge necessary for a top notch lawyer.

In line with your professional development you will receive time management, effective negotiations and presentation skills. Your training contract will allow you to combine work and study in such a way that your theoretical studies will be complemented by invaluable practical experience. High-quality experience and coaching will always remain at the heart of our legal training.

Prove yourself.

The training programme consists of six-months‘ seats’ in four different practice areas. Thus you  will have the opportunity to test yourself in different practice areas, evaluate your professional interest to end up doing the kind of law that you most enjoy.

You will be allocated a mentor for each seat who will take close interest in your development with us. Mentor will help manage your workload and monitor your progress. He/she will also ensure you have the right resources and right information. You mentor will give you a regular feedback , so you will always know exactly how you are progressing.

We are very supportive of your studies, you will be required to work minimum 60% of standard working hours and you will plan your working schedule yourself. You will also be entitled to up to 30 working days of paid study leave in any one academic year.

Inasmuch as a lawyer of a leading global law firm should have a good level of English language, we will provide you with the opportunity to prepare for and pass an examination for International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).

Successful completion of training will lead to permanent employment contract with the firm.

Applying with confidence.

We understand that applying for jobs can be hard work. However, it’s much less stressful if you do a reasonable amount of preparation and you know what you want to get out of it.

Remember that selection is a mutual process that requires effort and investment on both sides. This is why we read every application form with great care and we work hard to make the right decisions at each stage.

Application for the 2017 programme is no longer available. Registration for the programme starting in July 2018 will be opened in November. Follow us on Facebook and VKontakte to be aware of the latest news.

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