Fraudulent emails

February 2019: Scam Alert involving the misuse of the Linklaters name

Linklaters LLP has been made aware of a scam involving emails attempting to misuse the name of the firm.

The scam emails using the domain of “” (please note extra “i” in the email address) have been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Genuine emails from Linklaters use the domain of “”.

To see the Solicitors Regulation Authority Warning regarding the scam and for further information, please visit:


Linklaters LLP has been made aware that fraudulent “419 scam” emails are being sent to members of the public purporting to come from an individual who works at the firm.  We wish to inform the public that Linklaters LLP has no involvement with these emails. An example of a “419 scam” email can be viewed here.

Members of the public are advised not to respond to any request to provide personal or confidential information in these scam emails.  For further guidance please visit