Linklater’s Global Environment Programme awarded a ‘Leadership’ score by the Carbon Disclosure Project

For a second year running, Linklaters global environmental programme and carbon reduction efforts have been rewarded with a ‘Leadership’ score of A- for their response to the international Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD)* Climate Change survey.
This places the firm in a leading position for the professional services sector within Europe, who we were compared against. The average of our peer group is a D, with A & A- scores only awarded to companies who are implementing current best practice. 

As CDP supply chain responders since 2012, Linklaters is the only global firm to have consistently disclosed their firmwide greenhouse gas emissions, with the 2018 survey enhanced to include categories from Governance and risk management to disclosure and value chain engagement.
Our clients KPMG UK, National Grid, National Grid PLC and Vodafone Group requested our response to the survey and the CDP will inform them of our result in due course. Our survey results support our clients CSR and our CR / Responsible Business strategy and Linklater’s aim to be best in class.
Suzanne Roberts, new Global Environment Practitioner explains ‘This is a great result and recognition for Linklaters leading approach to environmental management, energy and carbon efficiency. To retain the A- score is impressive, especially in light of the enhanced survey in 2018’.
As a firm, we recognise 'Responsible Business' as a core foundation to our strategy and the importance that businesses must play in the low-carbon transition. We are one of only two global law firms to have achieved ISO 14001 certification of our environmental management system comprehensively across our global operations. In May 2018, we completed the global transition to the latest ISO 14001:2015 standard and the firm was awarded a new Certificate of Registration, valid until May 2021.
* CDP, formally known as the Carbon Disclosure Project
  • CDP is an organisation based in the United Kingdom which supports companies and cities to disclose the environmental impact of major corporations. It aims to make environmental reporting and risk management a business norm, and drive disclosure, insight and action towards a sustainable economy. Ref:
  • Of the circa 7,000 companies disclosing, only 127 were awarded an A rating for the Climate Change survey including National Grid PLC. Ref:
  • The Climate Change survey reviews companies’ approach to climate change from their strategy to action and carbon reduction performance.