Financial Services Disputes @ London International Disputes Week

The week commencing 6 May was London International Disputes Week (LIDW) during which London played host to a number of seminars and conferences across the city to explore the future of dispute resolution, and celebrate London's heritage as a centre for handling disputes.

As part of LIDW, we were excited to host, at One Silk Street on the afternoon of 7 May 2019, the LIDW seminar devoted to financial services disputes. The event was attended by 117 participants from our financial services clients and legal practitioners interested in this sector.  

The programme included panel sessions on:

  • Litigating financial disputes in London: a closer look at the High Court's Financial List
  • "The Future is Here…": a bite-sized examination of the key upcoming trends and issues in financial services disputes; and  
  • Financial services disputes in a post-Brexit world.

Participants on the above panels included representatives from a number of organisations involved in LIDW. We were, however, especially delighted to welcome Lord Justice Hamblen (who was involved in the establishment of the Financial List and gave a speech on that, as well as participating on the Financial List panel discussion with Susana Cao Miranda together with Rosalind Phelps QC and Sonia Tolaney QC), Jackie Van-Haersolte Van-Hof (Director General of the LCIA who gave a speech on arbitration and financial services disputes) and the Chancellor of the High Court, Sir Geoffrey Vos.

Sir Geoffrey gave a speech on the effect of Brexit on financial services disputes in London in which he expressed the view that, amongst other things, the strengths of the common law and the investment of the English judiciary in preparing for disputes involving new technologies, mean that English law and jurisdiction will remain an appealing combination for resolving international financial services disputes.

The text of the speeches delivered by Lord Justice Hamblen and the Chancellor of the High Court on 7 May can be found on the UK Judiciary’s website, here.

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