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Linklaters announces 37 new counsel elections worldwide

  • 37 new counsel have been promoted across 12 jurisdictions and 11 practice areas
  • 18 (49%) of the new counsel promotions are women
  • Majority of the new counsel promotions are outside of London, highlighting Linklaters' continued global growth and ambition

Linklaters has announced the election of 37 new counsel across 12 jurisdictions and 11 practice areas. Almost half of the new counsel are women with 18 new female counsel (49%). The new promotions take effect on 1st May 2019.

Of the new elections, 26 are outside of London, with new female counsel in 9 different offices across the globe.   

  • Practices: Mainstream Corporate (10), Capital Markets (7), Competition (4), Banking (3), Employment (3), Tax (3), Financial Regulation (2), IP/TMT (2), Dispute Resolution (1), Pensions (1), Real Estate (1)
  • Regions: UK (11), Rest of Europe (10), Asia (10), Americas (5), Middle East (1)
  • Gender: Male 51% (19), Female 49% (18)

0 partner infographic
0 partner infographic
“Our new counsel promotions demonstrate the growing number of highly skilled senior lawyers that we have in our offices across the globe. Counsel status recognises the strong technical capabilities of these senior lawyers and the additional leadership skills they bring to our client teams. I am pleased to see that the gender split in our new counsel election is almost 50% female, emphasising the value we place on our commitment to gender diversity.”

Charlie Jacobs Senior Partner and Chairman

Linklaters LLP
Name Practice Office
Eram Khan Competition/Antitrust London
Evgeniya Rakhmanina Competition/Antitrust EMEA
Jonathan Ford Competition/Antitrust London
Xi Liao Competition/Antitrust China, Zhao Sheng Law Firm*
Emma Pugh Employment Hong Kong
Peter Gumnior Employment Frankfurt
Samantha Cornelius Employment Hong Kong
Natalie Ellerby IP/TMT London
Sonia Cissé IP/TMT Paris
Alan Zhang Mainstream Corporate Beijing
Alex Roberts Mainstream Corporate Shanghai
Arne Kießling Mainstream Corporate Düsseldorf
Carsten Rauch Mainstream Corporate Frankfurt
Emma Clark Mainstream Corporate London
Kay Moon Mainstream Corporate Hong Kong
Klaudia Krolak Mainstream Corporate Warsaw
Kyle Colvin Mainstream Corporate New York
Megan Ridley-Kaye Mainstream Corporate New York
Nicolas Le Guillou Mainstream Corporate Paris
Anna Taylor Pensions London
Aurélie Clementz Tax Luxembourg
Jonathan Abensour Tax Paris
Max Levine Tax New York
Sarah Martin Dispute Resolution Tokyo
Christopher Hunker Banking New York
Philip Lee Banking New York
Reem Alsayegh Banking EMEA
Catherine Wade Capital Markets London
Christian Felton Capital Markets Hong Kong
Leanne Banfield Capital Markets London
Lipton Li Capital Markets Hong Kong
Neil Pallender Capital Markets London
Taiki Ki Capital Markets Bangkok
William Cresswell Capital Markets Frankfurt
Alastair Holt Financial Regulation London
Sara Cody Financial Regulation London
Siobhan Burton Real Estate London

* Shanghai Zhao Sheng Law Firm (“Zhao Sheng”) is a partnership constituted under the laws of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) and licensed to practise PRC law and provide PRC legal services. Zhao Sheng has entered into joint operation with Linklaters LLP and is a member of a global network consisting of Linklaters LLP and its affiliated firms.