Webinar: COP28 – key issues and what to expect


The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference and 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, also known as COP28, will take place in Dubai on 30 November-12 December 2023. It will also be the first Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement – where countries will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the collective progress towards its goals. 

In this webinar, Vanessa Havard-Williams, consultant at Linklaters and former co-head of the ESG team, spoke to members of the Linklaters International Advisory Group about the key issues to look out for during COP28, including: 

  • the impact of climate change on current geopolitics;
  • the role of the financial sector in the transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient economies and societies;
  • the policy response required to achieve net zero.