2021 tenders for large road infrastructure in Poland

In 2021 the Polish Government plans to invite tenders for construction of over 730 km of national roads, including 29 sections of expressways and bypasses, which will extend the road network by about 400 km. The total value of the planned investments amounts to EUR 4.6 billion (PLN 21 billion), with another EUR 555 million (PLN 2.5 billion) for the modernisation of 330 km of the existing road network.

The anticipated investments are part of the development of the TEN-T infrastructure network in the European Union. Obligations resulting from the need to meet EU standards, the elimination of bottlenecks and the creation of fast, safe transport connections across Europe will determine the development of road infrastructure in Poland. The Polish road sector is currently at the peak of its growth. Analysts estimate that tonnage will increase from approx. 1.17 billion tonnes in 2018 to approx. 1.44 billion tonnes in 2022, with an average annual increase of 5.3 per cent. This growth is also directly related to the dynamic development of the e-commerce industry, which recorded an increase of 11 percentage points, compared with 2019.

Major projects that are expected to be put out to tender this year include: the Szczecin western bypass of the S6, the Sianów–Słupsk section of the S6, the Bydgoszcz–Toruń section of the S10 and the Rzeszów–Barwinek section of the S19.