The Russia/Ukraine Crisis - Sanctions Update

UK, EU and US sanctions responses to the Ukraine conflict

As the conflict in Ukraine has developed, so has the package of sanctions imposed by governments across the world on Russian entities and individuals. The need to stay on top of the legal situation across jurisdictions is critical, particularly for businesses with international operations involving parties that may now be subject to economic restrictions. However, the situation is constantly changing and not all sanctions regimes are moving in parallel. 

At Linklaters we have sanctions experts working across the UK, EU and U.S. Our cross-jurisdictional practice means we are able to advise on how the legal requirements of different sanctions regimes overlap - and how they differ. We are also speaking constantly with our clients about their concerns and have gained a unique insight into how market and commercial practice is developing. 

In this article we set out the position with regard to international sanctions in the UK, EU and U.S. at the time of writing, with some background as to how we got here. We will be providing further legal updates as matters develop. However, for more detail on the issues raised or to discuss your own commercial concerns, please do get in touch with one of our dedicated sanctions team members.