About Us

Our clients want a law firm they can trust, one that stands out for a commitment to investing in them and empowering our teams. We want to stand out for our distinctive Linklaters mind-set so our clients want to work with us above all others.

Delivering excellent client service and using our global capabilities to help them pursue the right opportunities means they benefit from long and lasting relationships.

To put clients at the heart of all we do, we recruit and develop exceptional people empowering them to do and think differently. We serve our clients as a team, with a common focus on innovation, efficiency and agility.

Read on for more about our approach and what makes us ‘best in class’.

What makes us 'best in class'?

Investing in our clients

We work with companies, financial institutions, funds and governments to execute the most significant deals and to resolve disputes arising across the world. We want clients to know they have made the right choice, every time.

Working with our clients, we promise to provide not only our technical expertise, but exceptional client service – from every part of the firm. We field diverse and agile teams aligned to clients' needs and we create an environment in which they can exceed expectations. We invest constantly in our systems, technology and working practices to ensure that we deliver the right results.

Clients' businesses are our business. We bring a long-term perspective, embracing new ideas and proactively identifying future trends and products. We listen to our clients to allow us to understand their current and future needs and to shape our business to meet those.

Clients tell us they value our partnership culture, and we honour the spirit of teamwork and collaboration on which our firm was built – but we also provide the benefits of working with an ambitious, outward-facing, and entrepreneurial business. It is also important to us that we are recognised as a responsible business, one which uses its skills and resources to positive effect in the community. You can read more about this in our responsible business section.

Empowering our teams

We are a people business. Being best in class in the eyes of our clients means that our people must be exceptional.

We look not only for brilliant minds, but for people who will thrive in our environment: people who love working collaboratively and demonstrate the innovative, efficient, agile, entrepreneurial and responsible mind-set we aim to bring to every interaction.

Ours is an environment of outperformance. We achieve this not with targets and incentives, but by fostering a positive, supportive, fair and open atmosphere. We provide excellent and relevant learning with a focus on developing fully-rounded lawyers and business professionals.

We respect and value difference, but insist on inclusivity. We celebrate all aspects of diversity and challenge any form of bias, because we want everyone to feel that they belong. This is vital to our ability to work as one team, with a common mind-set. Visit our diversity and inclusion page to learn more.

We recognise that one size does not fit all. To retain the best people, we offer flexibility in day-to-day working and over the course of careers. And just as our mind-set is flexible towards our people, so we are flexible in how we deploy our people and resources to meet our clients’ needs.

The Linklaters mind-set

Investing in our clients and empowering our teams – whilst vital – are not enough to make Linklaters best in class.

Our mind-set is the special ingredient in our strategy. It is what gives every interaction with us distinctive character. It reflects the DNA of our firm and encompasses both a healthy respect for the past and an ambitious and hungry attitude to the future. It is what enables us to be our best for our clients, for one another and for the communities in which we operate.

Our people are diverse in every respect, but we work as one team, putting clients at the heart of everything we do.

We are a partnership but we are also business-like, driven and entrepreneurial, continuously seeking new opportunities. We are also highly competitive, particularly on our clients’ behalf.

We are proud of our long heritage, and cherish our values. We are also focused on the future – outward-facing and highly attuned to a fast changing world.

We create the conditions for success, but when it comes to trying new approaches, we make it safe to fail. We believe in leading by example, communicating openly and encouraging always. And we hold one another to account for that.