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Authors: Deepak Sitlani, Simon Firth, Pauline Ashall, Doug Shaw, Vinay Samani, Christian Storck, Jörg Fried, Nicki Kayser, Eliane Dejardin Botelho, Paloma Fierro, Vera Ferreira de Lima, Rhian Roberts, Marc Voelcker, Delphine Horn, Anna Ferraresso, Laurent Benoit, Sarah Willis, Vasundhara Vasumitra, Hannah Patterson Smith, Madeleine Wanner, Julia Anna Bhatti

Reminder: Annual calculations under EMIR and UK EMIR

EMIR and UK EMIR require annual calculations in connection with the designation as a non-financial counterparty below the clearing threshold (NFC-) and a small financial counterparty. These dates are coming up in June. Potentially in-scope parties also need to conduct annual AANA calculations.  Read more to recap on this and the actions that need to be taken. 

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