Working in Poland

As a competitive mature market, Warsaw presents many of the same challenges and rewards as other EU jurisdictions. However, Warsaw is also a crucial location in Linklaters’ strategy to focus on key clients across significant emerging markets.

As the city increasingly takes its place as the major financial centre in the region, the opportunities and rewards for lawyers are immense. Our commitment to being where our clients need us to be is firmly reflected in our commitment to both our office here and to your career.

From your first day at Linklaters in Warsaw, you will experience a total integration with the rest of the global firm that sets Linklaters apart among international law firms in Poland. As part of the firm’s EEMEA (Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa) regional grouping, Warsaw plays a key role in transactions stretching far beyond the country’s immediate borders. The global nature of the work will expand your horizons both professionally and culturally.

You won’t encounter unnecessary hierarchies here, and there is a genuine feeling that everyone is pulling together for the success of the firm. In fact, our lawyers often mention the way colleagues interact and the sense of teamwork and common purpose as one of the principal reasons that Linklaters stands out as a place to work. The style here may be relaxed, but it goes hand in hand with an ambitious, motivated and entrepreneurial spirit where people see the impact of their work each day and are recognised for it.

Ours is an ‘open door’ culture in which your peers and senior colleagues will always be willing to hear your views, answer your questions or offer you advice. And with social activities such as our annual barbecues and Christmas events, you will find that professional connections built at work easily blend into the social.