AI Webinar Series: The Latest IP Developments


Much has been said about new AI regulation. However, from a practical perspective, there is a more pressing issue at hand – the treatment of IP. IP issues are already creating real risks from a litigation viewpoint and those risks now need to be mitigated or understood and accepted as reasonable commercial risks.  

During this enlightening webinar, our panel of legal experts delve into these critical topics, providing:

> An update on key risks and developments in the AI/IP infringement litigation space 
> A survey of the indemnities against user IP infringement now being offered by the major providers and consideration of:
          • What sort of infringing outputs can models produce?
          • What’s covered by the indemnities?
          • What’s market practice?
>  A summary of developments in IP regulation and licensing in Europe and the US, which impact both the commercialisation of input data and AI models 
>  A heads up on the battles ahead for patents and GenAI