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The Ideas Foundry

‘The Summer Special’ - Being artful

Our Linklaters Ideas Foundry podcast explores the tips and tricks required to thrive in an ever more complex and changing work environment. From creativity to collaboration, from leading others to looking after ourselves, join us each month as we unpick the art of working together in the 21st century organisation.

In the ‘Summer Special’ of the Ideas Foundry podcast, we discuss what organisations can learn from the creative worlds of stage, screen and radio.



The Diversity Faculty

Diversity strategy vs diversity policy: Why does it matter?

What is the difference between a diversity strategy and a diversity policy? Why does it matter? How are these perceived internally and externally and why does it matter from a legal perspective?



ESG Summer School 2022

In this podcast, Rachel Barrett and Jon Tan discuss the key components of good ESG governance, from board oversight to implementation within the business.


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