Italy ESG GEMS - May 2023

Diversity, equity & inclusion, safety at work, recruitment practices and trainings, work-life balance, gender pay gap and remuneration structures, these are just few of the key themes emerging in ESG which relate to the company’s relationship with its employees.

Our focus this month is on how companies are increasing their focus on the ‘S’ within ESG from an employment and incentives perspective.

Focus on

  • Francesca Rambaudi, Global Investor Relations & Sustainability Sr. Director at Amplifon, discusses the Company's sustainability journey and the initiatives implemented with regard to diversity equity & inclusion and those with a specific focus on social aspects. Please note that the content is in Italian. Read now
  • Paolo Salza, Chief Risk, ESG & Compliance officer at RINA, talks through the initiatives implemented by the Company to achieve their sustainability goals. Please note that the content is in Italian. Watch now
  • Igor Suran, Executive Director at Parks - Liberi e Uguali, analyzes the cultural evolution of society with regards to diversity equity and inclusion and how companies should try to support their workforce with policies and initiatives that go beyond what is not provided for by the current Italian legal framework. Please note that the content is in Italian. Watch now
Sustainable Finance
Disclosure & Reporting
Employment Issues