Linklaters Luxembourg awarded for its Corporate Social Responsibility

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Linklaters is widely recognised as a firm dedicated to corporate social responsibility and on Friday 24 November, we received our renewed Entreprise Socialement Responsible (ESR) certificate by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR). This is the second time that we have successfully renewed our ESR status and it reflects our commitment to delivering a wide range of socially responsible initiatives.

As the first Luxembourg law firm ever to receive the ESR award in 2011, we take a proactive role in setting high standards in all areas of socially responsible behaviour.

We have focused this year on mobility and transport issues, working closely with local officials to identify areas where we can support our people and address their concerns. Our e-bike initiative, where we have easy access to electric bikes, together with electric car charging points in our car park, all contribute to a cleaner environment. And for those turning to pedal power during the day there is the added bonus of a little extra exercise during office hours.

An important pillar of our socially responsible behaviour is the importance of being a good neighbour and we pride ourselves on being part of, and contributing to, both our local and international community. We offer unwavering support to many ateliers protégés, regularly showcasing their work and talents while also supporting a number of charities and their outstanding work overseas. At Linklaters, we encourage a diverse and dynamic workplace where everyone can get involved in and support our corporate initiatives. It is an opportunity to contribute to issues and situations beyond office life and to ensure that Linklaters continues to lead the way in corporate social responsibility within the Grand Duchy.