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Diversity Faculty

Our Diversity Faculty comprises legal expertise and in-house business advisors to provide clients with a full service offering as part of their diversity journey and development of their diversity strategy and cultural values

Linklaters Diversity Faculty offers a full-service solution for your Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) priorities and objectives. Bringing together experts from our Legal, D&I, HR, Talent Management, Learning & Development and Social Impact teams, our Faculty provides you with the full suite of services to help you evolve your D&I strategy and create a workplace culture that reflects your organisation’s core values.

Working closely with our clients, our Faculty is able to raise awareness, engage teams, deliver training, consult on strategies, identify practical solutions and advise on the business, legal and risk management issues that arise out of D&I, including employment law, data protection, regulatory and governance issues.

Customisation is, of course, key to reaching any D&I goal or ambition – to be effective, you must consider local nuance, context and experience. We will work with you to create bespoke initiatives based on your needs and challenges, and tailor these to reflect your policies, procedures and practices, and meet your cultural objectives. 

Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces is not something any of us can achieve alone. We also value the opportunity to collaborate and exchange best practice with our clients and create a long-standing platform of mutual exchange between our organisations. We believe that together we can shift the needle and have lasting impact in this important area.


Listen to our Diversity Faculty Podcast Series on key diversity and inclusion topics for businesses, including pipeline, promotion and retention, using quotas, targets and the risks of positive discrimination, training: what’s effective and what’s not, and developing your diversity strategy and policy.

Listen here


Pillar One - Legal and Regulatory

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Pillar Two - Training

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Pillar Three - Collaboration & sharing best practice

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How the Diversity Faculty works

  1. Have a scoping chat
    We sit down with you to discuss your D&I ambitions, priorities, challenges and goals and scope our work with you.
  2. We recommend a plan
    We put together a customised plan for you based on what you want to achieve and the change you want to see.
  3. Get started!
    We look forward to working together on this.

Question Time with the Diversity Faculty

During this webinar members of the Linklaters Diversity Faculty discussed some of the key issues facing businesses in the diversity & inclusion (D&I) space right now.  

The Faculty collated some of the trickiest, thorniest and burning questions being asked by our clients, businesses, peers and colleagues over recent months, and answered a selection of these live during the webinar.
Our Race Action Plan - Changing the Narrative
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