Linklaters launches new AI data-powered system to search and manage legal documents

AI-powered application reduces search time from hours to seconds for more than 750,000 documents from the firm’s global offices in 20 countries.
Linklaters has launched MatterExplorer, an AI powered search and knowledge management system, reducing search time for the firm’s 750,000 legal documents from hours to seconds. Since MatterExplorer launched our people have run more than 185,000 searches. If each of those searches saves even just five minutes of time, more than 15,416 hours have been saved across the firm in the last six months.
Linklaters developed the knowledge management system to enable simple and secure access to all matter and deal data and related documentation across all practices and offices. iManage RAVN consultants worked closely with the firm on the design and implementation.
The new system uses AI to identify which documents are most relevant to search criteria and classify documents by type (such as legal opinions, share purchase agreements, etc.) making it more efficient for Linklaters’ lawyers to find precedent documents. They can find information about past matters from a variety of perspectives (including sector, jurisdiction, area of law), access the full-text documents, and explore their connections to data in multiple sources (including, for example, matter details, financials, people data, client data, and time recording). This capability has resulted in a 400 percent increase in search utilisation compared to the system that MatterExplorer replaced.
Linklaters is continuing to work with iManage to further expand its use of iManage RAVN tools within MatterExplorer, focussing on automatically reading and extracting business critical information from documents and unstructured data to create content for marketing and business development, further enhancing new client engagements.
Sophie Mathur, Partner and Co-head of the Innovation Steering Group at Linklaters, said: "It's all about getting our arms around the knowledge that we possess, which, next to our people, is the greatest asset that we have. Our aim is to access our expertise and deliver it to our clients with greater efficiency in an era when the world is demanding a much more empirical approach to data. The individual experience of one lawyer is no longer enough. Matter Explorer allows us to be rigorous in the way in which we exploit what we know.”
Rachel Manser, Head of Knowledge & Learning at Linklaters, said: “We are delighted to have launched MatterExplorer as part of innovation and data workstreams. MatterExplorer supports our strategy to invest in our clients and empower our teams by integrating knowhow and marketing information with financial information, so our lawyers can find, store, explore, and report on high-quality data, all at the click of a button. “The enhanced filtering functionality and full text search over our eBible documents are particularly helpful in significantly reducing the time spent on research, and we are excited to further leverage iManage RAVN's AI capability to mine and extract data from our documents.”
Nick Thomson, General Manager at iManage RAVN, said: “Linklaters’ use of iManage RAVN is a textbook example of how firms can harness the power of AI to solve specific business problems. The firm has recognised that embedding an AI engine at the foundation level and exploiting its power incrementally and across practice areas will not only deliver success in knowledge management but also enable the firm to logically and intuitively extend its use into other areas, optimising return on over the foreseeable future.”