AIM Africa: Agribusiness investment and opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is fast becoming a hotspot for agricultural investment, driven by a positive economic outlook, an improved business environment and abundant natural resources.

AIM Africa, Linklaters’ agribusiness investment guide to Sub-Saharan Africa, examines agribusiness potential in 21 countries, ranking each country according to agribusiness attractiveness, agribusiness environment, agribusiness infrastructure and the business and regulatory landscape.  The report uncovers investment hot spots by breaking the key findings into the following types of investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Fertile Grounds: Countries with a strong agricultural sector

    Focusing on the size of the agriculture sector, land tenure and openness to foreign investment, Fertile Grounds highlights opportunities in countries with the capacity and support to expand, such as Cameroon and Nigeria. It uncovers the potential pitfalls that could limit growth in big markets.

  • Reliable Harvests: Mature business and regulatory environments

    For those attracted by lower risk opportunities, Reliable Harvests examines countries that enable steady investments and protection of assets and reputation, such as Rwanda and Ghana. It reveals countries with strong business and regulatory frameworks and where barriers to operations and red tape are minimised.

  • Shoots of Growth: Emerging opportunities

    As a region in flux and with potential for investors playing the long game, Shoots of Growth highlights opportunities in underdeveloped markets, including Ivory Coast and Mozambique. It signposts emerging economic influences such as subsidies, land availability and major infrastructure projects planned in the region.

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