Remote Working

Omnis Remote is the Windows 10 remote access solution that allows Linklaters staff to work remotely without an Omnis Device. Omnis Remote replaces Firefly as the remote working solution, and in meeting rooms. 

Below are some key points to note about Omnis Remote:

  • Anything not saved to Workfolders, the H:drive, or DocExplorer will be lost. Please make sure you save your documents and files before disconnecting or leaving an Omnis Remote desktop idle. Any session left open but untouched for 30 minutes will be automatically ended.
  • The core Omnis applications will be available on your Omnis Remote desktop, but some niche applications may not be available.
  • If an application you need isn't there then you can apply to have it added to a future version of the Omnis Remote desktop by contacting IT Support.
  • Please do download the Omnis Remote application and check that you can connect before you need to use this to work from home.
  • Your OneNote notepads, are not automatically available in Omnis Remote. Please refer to the Best Practice Guide for more information.
  • Omnis Remote will be available in all meeting rooms in the coming weeks.

Please refer to Best Practice for additional guidance.

Getting Started

There are two steps you will need to complete in order to get up and running with Omnis Remote. Please refer to the installation guides for full details on completing the setup:

1. Set up Authentication

Omnis Remote has an extra layer of security that will need to be set up in advance of using Omnis Remote for the first time. It will require you to verify your attempt to start a remote desktop using either an app on your phone, or through a verification phone call.

2. Install the Omnis Remote client to your PC, Mac or Tablet

Click here to go to the Workspot site where you can download the suitable client for your device.

To see if your device is compatible with Omnis Remote, please see here.