New podcast: Navigating the government’s ethnicity pay gap reporting guidance

 In our latest Diversity Faculty podcast episode, we help employers to navigate the government’s ethnicity pay gap reporting guidance, including:

  • Collecting employees’ ethnicity data;
  • Managing smaller and incomplete data sets;
  • How to report on ethnicity pay; and 
  • The future of ethnicity pay gap reporting. 

The guidance was released in April 2023, shortly before the government confirmed it would not be making ethnicity pay gap reporting mandatory (see their consultation response here). 

This outcome is somewhat at odds with the findings of the consultation where 91% of organisations were supportive of ethnicity pay reporting and the opportunities increased transparency could bring. We explore the rationale behind the government’s decision further in our EmploymentLinks blog here

Nonetheless, the government hopes the guidance will promote a consistent approach to measuring pay differences and reporting across organisations. Whether it has the effect of encouraging more employers to report remains to be seen. 

Note that this podcast is accurate as at the date of publishing. It is intended merely to highlight key points from the government’s guidance only and not to be comprehensive nor to provide legal advice. Should you have any questions, please speak to one of your regular contacts.

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