The legal outlook for global fintech - 2023

We are pleased to launch our Fintech Legal Outlook 2023 which explores the key legal and regulatory developments we expect to see in the fintech space over the coming year.  

Disruptive forces are shaping the outlook for 2023

Macro market headwinds are impacting the sector and the crypto winter is leading to increased regulatory activism globally, and galvanising efforts for bespoke regulation for cryptoassets. New forms of digital assets are emerging as digital financial and payments infrastructure develops, meanwhile increasing financial crime is impacting DeFi and crypto. Developing regulation in the digital economy is increasing the compliance challenge and ESG is acting in some cases as a problem, and in others a solution.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of interest in the digital assets space from established financial institutions and other corporates who are increasingly accessing fintech ideas and technology via strategic investments, collaborations and partnerships. 

Read more in our review which covers the full breadth of the fintech legal spectrum and looks across 19 jurisdictions in Asia, the EU, Latin America, the UK and U.S.

Regional outlooks and global trends

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Follow up

Please reach out to any of us, or to any to the contacts listed on our landing page if you would like to hear more on the topics covered in our Fintech Legal Outlook 2023, or for more on our general fintech offering.