Linklaters becomes strategic partner of Decade of Diversity

Linklaters is proud to be a founding strategic partner of Inclusion Labs’ Decade of Diversity initiative, aiming to advance diversity and inclusion within schools in the United Kingdom. The new initiative, launched by Inclusion Labs, a purpose driven non-profit company, calls on schools, organisations and individuals to commit to leveraging their collective power to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into every young person’s educational, cultural and personal development.

The Decade of Diversity initiative aims to inspire and drive action based on two pledges:

1. to ensure 25% Diverse Literature in schools by 2030

2. to ensure Diverse Governing Boards in schools by 2030

We understand that the lack of diverse literature and leadership are decades-long issues within the education sector and more broadly. The progress required to shift the needle is an urgent one and it cannot be achieved in silo.

Learn more about the initiative here.

Daniel Danso, Global Diversity Leader at Linklaters, comments:

“The impact on children of not seeing themselves reflected in what they learn is substantial. More diverse content and leadership throughout our education system will not only inspire young people across our communities, but will also break down barriers and ultimately promote equality, diversity and inclusion in all levels of society, including business.”

Temi Akindele Barker, Founder of Inclusion Labs, states:

“Navigating issues of diversity and inclusion in schools can be overwhelming and not just for the students and their families, but also for schools – I know this first-hand. Through the Decade of Diversity initiative, I’m bringing together schools, organisations and individuals who are passionate and committed to take actions towards building diverse and inclusive environments for all young people whatever their identities or background.”

Raising aspirations and opportunities for young people is a long-standing priority of our Social Impact work. To ensure all feel empowered to aim high, it is crucial that young people are exposed to diverse experiences, perspectives and role models.

Learn more about the firm’s global Social Impact programmes here: Social Impact | Responsibility | Linklaters