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Collective Redress in the EU

Watch this space for updates on the EU Collective Redress Directive and its implementation in selected EU Member States.

The Collective Redress Directive

Following decades of discussion about collective redress and class actions in the EU, Directive (EU) 2020/1828 on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers ("Collective Redress Directive" or "CRD") sets uniform standards across the EU. Once implemented by the EU Member States, the CRD is likely to have a significant impact on the balance of power in consumer redress and is likely to intensify the current trend of increased enforcement of consumer rights and actions in Europe.



4 December 2020: Publication of the Collective Redress Directive in the OJEU

After controversial trilogue negotiations, the Council and the EU Parliament formally endorsed the CRD on 4 and 24 November, respectively, and the CRD was published in the Official Journal on 4 December 2020.

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25 December 2022: Implementation deadline

Member States had to implement the CRD into national legislation by 25 December 2022. However, hardly any EU member state transposed the CRD into national law on time. As a result, the EU Commission launched the first stage of infringement proceedings against 24 Member States, sending them letters of formal notice for failure to implement the CRD.

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25 June 2023: Deadline for entry into force of national implementing acts

After the expiry of the implementation period, Member States have six further months, i.e. until 25 June 2023, to ensure that their implementing acts enter into force. If they fail to do so, not only will they risk being taken to the European Court of Justice, but this may also trigger discussions about the direct effect of the CRD.

Implementation status in selected Member States

Hardly any EU Member State transposed the directive into national law by the end of the implementation deadline on 25 December 2022. Zoom in and select a jurisdiction on the map to the right to explore in more detail. You will also find an overview on the status in selected jurisdictions in our implementation tracker.


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Parner, Belgium


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