Remote Working

What is Omnis Remote?

Omnis Remote enables you to work remotely from a non-Linklaters personal device. It is not meant to replace your Linklaters device but does provide access to the core applications if you do not have access to a Linklaters issued laptop or tablet. 

Personal settings and files will be maintained between uses, but certain options such as pinning applications to your task bar and setting up your Outlook signature will need to be completed the first time you log on to Omnis Remote.

Using Omnis Remote

From the guides below please select the one most appropriate for the device from which you intend to connect. Should you be using Omnis Remote for the first time, you will need to run through an authentication process, however if you are a returning user having already set up the authentication, there is no need to run through that process again. You can just go to the ‘Using Omnis Remote’ section in the guide.

Please note you may be required to input your Linklaters email address and password.

  1. Windows User Guide
  2. MAC User Guide
  3. Web Client User Guide

If you are unable to download the app to your device, you will need to use the Web Client. Please note that you are not able to print from the Web Client.


 Question  Windows
What operating system do I require on my personal device to use Omnis Remote?

See Workspot Hardware and System Requirements link.
The Information Security team require you to be on the latest operating system to ensure there is a minimal risk to the client and firm data when accessed on your personal device. If you are having issues downloading the client onto your machine, please revert to the Web Client. 

What is the Identity Verification, and how do I set it up?
For security reasons, an additional level of authentication is required when accessing Omnis Remote. 
Microsoft Authenticator is required on a mobile device and should be setup prior to accessing Omnis Remote.
What is my Passcode?

Your Passcode is a PIN specific to your device. You will need this every time you launch Workspot.

I've been prompted to upgrade my Workspot client, what should I do? We recommend you upgrade to the latest client at your earliest convenience as newer releases are likely to contain bug fixes and/or new features which will enhance your experience.

Full FAQs can be found on InSite.


If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any additional questions or experience an issue, please contact your local IT Support team or call +44 20 7456 4141.