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R&I Soundbites

Linklaters has leading restructuring and insolvency practitioners in each jurisdiction in which it operates, comprising 30 offices across 20 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Linklaters’ global restructuring and insolvency practice handles the world’s most challenging and significant domestic and cross-border restructuring and insolvency assignments.

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Adler Court of Appeal Judgment: Key Considerations and Consequences

In our latest podcast, our partners Rebecca Jarvis and Nicholas Le Masurier discuss the recent Adler Court of Appeal Judgment, and what it means for future restructurings.

The use of Holdco PIK in restructurings

In this fourth episode of our R&I soundbites series, our partner Nicholas Le Masurier and counsel Paul Sidle discuss the use of Holdco PIK (payment-in-kind) as a recent trend in restructurings. Nick and Paul provide an overview of the key features of Holdco PIK, explain why there has been an increase in its use, and consider the issues and risks associated with this instrument.

Nostrum’s scheme of arrangement

In this third episode of our latest R&I soundbites series, our partner Juliana Leite de Barros and counsel Paul Sidle take a look at Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC's scheme of arrangement and consider the impact that sanctions have on restructurings.

Celsa’s restructuring

In this second episode of our latest R&I soundbites series, our managing associate Sara Arriaza and counsel Paul Sidle discuss the restructuring of Spanish steelmaker Celsa and how it will test the recent legislative changes to Spanish insolvency law, which transpose the European Directive on preventive restructuring frameworks.

Hong Kong Airlines’ dual Hong Kong-UK restructuring

In our latest R&I soundbites series, we will explore a range of topics and case studies that are front of mind in the restructuring market. In this first episode, our partner Damien Gomez and counsel Paul Sidle discuss the restructuring of Hong Kong Airlines, which involves a parallel Hong Kong scheme of arrangement and a UK Part 26A restructuring plan. They delve into potential issues and challenges in relation to the Cape Town Convention and what this means for future restructurings in the aviation sector.

French insolvency law update 

In this podcast, our Paris-based Partner Carole Nerguararian and Associate Etienne Lupuyo provide a comprehensive overview of the recent legislative changes to French insolvency law, which transpose the European Directive on preventive restructuring frameworks. They discuss what these changes mean to different stakeholders and the key points to consider.

Restructuring Plans – Friend or Foe? 

In this podcast, our Partner Nick Le Masurier, Managing Associate Dionne Brown and Associate Hannah Barrett Brown take a look at how Restructuring Plans have been used in practice during their first year, discuss the emerging categories of potential winners and losers in different structures, talk about the various legal challenges (both successful and unsuccessful) that have been brought by parties impacted by Restructuring Plans, and consider in which scenarios other restructuring mechanisms may still be the best option.

Pre-Pack Reform 

In this podcast, our Partners Rebecca JarvisDamien Gomez, Counsel Paul Sidle and Managing Associate Max Krasner consider the scope of the new rules and give some thought as to what potential impact the reforms might have in practice for the drafting of sale agreements, particularly around the protections afforded to administrators.

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