How multinationals should navigate China-related investigations

Asia Open Seminar Summer 2023 - Knowledge portal

China-related investigations are increasingly common in cross-border business: whether they involve a China-based individual who is subject to an internal investigation with stakeholders in multiple markets, a regulatory investigation initiated under foreign law, or a PRC subsidiary that is subject to a PRC regulatory investigation which could have relevance to a multinational group’s global operations. 

In this webinar, our panellists, consisting of employment, data and dispute resolution experts, provided key tips for businesses to navigate the most critical challenges that may arise when dealing with China-related investigations. These include:

  • How to ensure an effective and fully-compliant evidence collection process?
  • What is the best strategy to respond to document provision requests from regulators?
  • How to mitigate risks arising under the PRC data laws in relation to data export?
  • How to manage relationships with employees properly over the lifecycle of an investigation?