Linklaters signs partnership agreement with the Coup de Pouce organisation

Coup de Pouce was founded in May 1984 by a group of teachers in Lyon in an effort to fight early school failure. Their mission: help each and every child do well in school, no matter their socioeconomic situation or home life.

The Coup de Pouce Clé program: giving children confidence

Linklaters Foundation will fund eight Coup de Pouce Clé clubs during the 2016 school year as part of a support program created by Coup de Pouce Clé in cooperation with local municipalities and the Ministry of National Education.

A proponent of education projects, the Foundation has decided to lend Coup de Pouce its support because of the group’s contribution to the social autonomy of young people. This new project is fully in line with one of the pillars of the Foundation: education in solidarity.

In our cooperation with Adie, Réseau Etincelle and E2C, the Foundation seeks to guide young children on their journeys in education and promote initiatives that foster the development of societal solidarity.

The Coup de Pouce Clé program draws support from projects that have demonstrated that all children, with few exceptions, can learn to read and write by the age of seven as long as they are given the conditions they need in order to succeed, especially outside the classroom.

From November to June, the clubs meet after class at the children’s schools four evenings a week for 90 minutes. Through these daily experiences of success in learning, the children build self-confidence in their reading and writing practice.

The results

In 2015 and 2016, the Coup de Pouce Clé program was implemented in 250 towns and cities

For the last 20 years, the Coup de Pouce Clé program has mobilised teachers and parents, and helped put more than 100,000 children on the path to academic success

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