Listen Up! Nicola Rabson in conversation with Jo Wren of the GMC

Continuing our vlog series focussing on effective whistleblowing arrangements, I met with Jo Wren, Principal Regional Liaison Adviser of the General Medical Council (GMC). You can listen to our discussion below.



The GMC’s main role is to work to protect patient safety and improve medical education and practice across the UK. In this vlog, we discuss the routes through which issues and concerns can be raised by medical staff, the support, guidance and training provided to do this and how issues that are raised are dealt with.

At our recent culture conference in July, Jillian Naylor of our team was joined by panellists from a range of sectors to talk about Speak Up Listen Up arrangements (including Dr Henrietta Hughes, the National Guardian, Guardians Programme for the NHS, Dr Wim Vanderkerckhove, from University of Greenwich, Alexander Smith of the FCA and Fraser Simpson from the Wellcome Trust). A key takeaway from the panel’s discussion was that approaches and practice that work in one sector or organisation can be adapted and utilised in other organisations and industries to good effect. In light of this I hope you find my discussion with Jo offers an interesting insight into the GMC’s approach.

Look out for further blog posts on this topic and an upcoming vlog offering a global perspective on whistleblowing arrangements and Listen Up!