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Linkubator Podcast Series

The hottest topics in the legal technology and innovation space


Welcome to the Linkubator series, Linklaters’ trainee-led podcast that brings you the hottest topics in the legal technology and innovation space.

In this first series, trainee Hamza Zaveri taps into the minds of key experts and legal innovators to discuss the important themes, trends and insights that are shaping the future of law.


Re-designing Lawyers to Design Thinking

Nicole Bradick (Founder of legal tech design consultancy Theory and Principle) and Shilpa Bhandarkar (Global Head of Innovation at Linklaters)

With the new premium on innovation and collaboration and changing client expectations, there has been a lot of focus and excitement recently around design thinking in the legal industry. In this first episode, Hamza speaks to Nicole and Shilpa to uncover what design thinking is, how law firms are getting closer to clients through design thinking and how lawyers can start developing a design thinking mindset. They also discuss the difference between startups and law firms, what law firms can learn from startups when developing products for clients and what innovation means. The speakers also provide words of encouragement and tips to students and aspiring lawyers.

Analytics and Data in Law

Richard Mabey (Co-Founder and CEO of Juro) and Ed Chan (Founder of Nakhoda and Partner at Linklaters)

The use of analytics has permeated into various industries, from baseball to banking, but could analytics be invaluable for lawyers as well? In this episode, Hamza speaks to Richard and Ed to learn more about the uses and applications of analytics in the legal industry and how it differs from AI. They also cover the importance of good data which is a fuel that powers these technologies, and the challenges that arise from the heaps of unstructured data in law. They delve into Richard’s startup, Juro, and Ed’s brainchild, Nakhoda, and how both platforms incorporate elements of legal analytics and play a role in tackling the data challenge in law by creating structured data from the outset.

Fintech with Nivaura

Richard Cohen (Ricky) (Legal Product Architect and General Counsel at Nivaura), Richard Hay (UK Head of Fintech at Linklaters) and Lisa Chang (M&A Lawyer at Linklaters, focus on Fintech)

There has been a lot of disruption and digitisation in how people trade shares and bonds, but such a shift has not yet taken place to the same extent when it comes to how companies initially issue these securities. Nivaura is a startup that is working in this space to help automate the issuing of bonds and has received investment from the likes of Linklaters and the London Stock Exchange. In this episode, Hamza sits down with Ricky, Richard and Lisa to discuss fintech and its correlations with the legal sphere. The conversation covers topics such as automation in finance, Nivaura’s new GLML platform, how Linklaters’ platform ISDA Create is carrying out automation for financial institutions and how such platforms will change the work of lawyers. They also discuss the role that the FCA’s regulatory sandbox is playing in promoting innovation, the fintech initiatives that Linklaters is working on and how young and aspiring lawyers can get involved in the space.

AI Changing the Law Game

Neil Sahota (IBM Master Inventor, United Nations AI Expert, Professor at UC Irvine and Author of ‘Own the AI Revolution: Unlock Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy to Disrupt Your Competition’) and Christian Storck (Partner and Global Co-Head of Innovation at Linklaters)

With all of the buzz around AI and machine learning, people can often lose sight of what it is. In this episode, Hamza catches up with Neil and Christian to discuss what AI is, what its different applications are and can be in the legal industry, and the potential challenges around this. They also debate crucial questions such as to what extent AI will replace or augment the core functions of lawyers and how aspiring and young lawyers can adapt to this new environment.

Legal Tech Investments and Consolidation (Nov 2019)

Ben Meyer (Partner at Hg Capital) and Matt Peers (COO at Linklaters)

With investments in the legal technology space exceeding the billion-dollar mark in both 2018 and 2019 and consolidation heating up in the sector, Hamza speaks to Ben and Matt on these developments. They discuss what makes the sector so attractive from an investor perspective, whether the proliferation of legal tech companies and rising investments in the space are creating a bubble, and they delve into Hg’s investments in to legal tech companies Litera Microsystems, Workshare Transact and Doxly. They also discuss new technology platforms, what kind of technologies Linklaters is looking at and the advent of law firms as tech producers. This episode was recorded in November 2019.

Becoming a Lawyerpreneur with Mark Cohen (CEO, Legal Mosaic)

Mark Cohen (CEO of Legal Mosaic)

Having an entrepreneurial mindset in law is becoming ever-increasingly important. In this episode Hamza catches up with Mark, who has a history of being a lawyer entrepreneur or, in other words, a “lawyerpreneur”. Their conversation covers topics such as how students and young lawyers can think about bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to law firms, how technology is driving change and Mark’s thoughts on the skills gap in the legal industry. They also discuss the importance of understanding legal operations, whether law schools are making students market-ready on graduation, and why students should maintain their unique traits and interests when starting their careers.

The Legal Tech Inflection Point

Richard Tromans (Founder and Editor of news platform Artificial Lawyer and Founder of Tromans Consulting) and Paul Lewis (Partner, Global Co-Head of Innovation and Global Head of Finance and Projects at Linklaters)

An ‘inflection point’ is the point in an industry where the fundamentals are about to change as noted by Andrew Grove, CEO of Intel, in his book ‘Only the Paranoid Survive’. In this special episode, Hamza joins Richard and Paul in their conversation to discuss whether the legal industry is undergoing such an inflection point and pitches a few questions in to the mix. Their conversation delves into how technology and innovation are changing the business of law and the role that lawyers play, how firms can use tech and data to get closer to clients and what the future lawyer will look like. The discussion also covers the law firm business model and the productisation of legal services, and brings a strong commercial perspective to the debate.

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