Real Estate Talking Points: ESG Series – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: The clock is ticking!

“Net-zero” is set to be the buzzword of 2022 and beyond as the Government threw down the gauntlet following the publication of its Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener in October 2021 which sets out the UK’s ambition of reaching net-zero by 2050. The real estate sector has not escaped the reach of the Government’s energy efficiency ambitions and the proposed amendments to the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 (as amended) (“PRS Regulations”), brought into force in 2015 and which established the existing Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (“MEES”) for privately rented property in England and Wales, are a very good example of the important role the real estate sector has to play in helping to reach the net-zero target.

In our latest talking points article, Rory Bennett reminds you of the rules as they currently stand in England and Wales, as well as focussing on the amendments to the PRS Regulations and MEES that we expect to see with respect to non-domestic properties in England and Wales.