Set to revive: Investing in Europe's Infrastructure

Since the crisis we have seen a tumble in infrastructure M&A and the number of projects launched, however, Europe remains an infrastructure giant and a popular destination for future infrastructure investment.

Our report, 'Set to revive: Investing in Europe’s infrastructure' is based on in depth research into current market conditions, including interviews with 40 leading players in infrastructure and economic analysis from two specialist consultants. Our research shows that global institutional investors have funds of US$1tn to invest in European infrastructure over the next decade. These funds have the potential to change market dynamics and kick-start a revival.

The report explores:
  • the funds available to invest in European infrastructure and their potential economic impact; 
  • the types of investors shaping the market and how far they are willing to stretch their risk appetite to unlock new deals; and
  • the availability of assets and projects across Europe and where the future deal pipeline might come from.
Download the report to find out:
  • where funds are coming from;
  • the impact that they could have on the EU economy;
  • how investors plan to unlock new deals;
  • why some investors are concerned about the possibility of an asset bubble; and
  • the role of the government in supporting an infrastructure revival.
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Set to revive: Investing in Europe's Infrastructure

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