Each of our eLearning courses (Competition, Insider Dealing and Inside Informatiion) offer a highly interactive learning experience through the use of animations and interactive Q&As and can be customised and can be translated into other languages.


Our competition eLearning course delivers commercial and practical risk management training, through three modules:

Contact with Competitors:

This module identifies the key risks when dealing directly with your competitors, including clear ‘blacklisted’ conduct – cartels – and more nuanced and complex areas such as the exchange of commercially sensitive information. This module draws on real-life scenarios to show how to avoid problems.

Abuse of Dominance:

Identifies the factors that determine dominance and provides practical advice to ensure that businesses with strong market positions can achieve their commercial goals, without breaking competition laws.

Dawn Raids:

Using a series of interactive role-playing scenarios based on a hypothetical case study, as well as real-life examples, this module shows learners how to deal effectively with a dawn raid carried out by competition investigators.

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Insider Dealing

Our insider dealing eLearning course teaches employees and senior managers how to comply with the market abuse rules, through the following modules:



The Details

An in-depth look at the concepts of inside information and insider dealing, through interactive, scenario-based questions.

Inside Lists

What they are and the consequences of being on an insider list.

Dealing and Clearance

The dealing restrictions and clearance process for senior managers, including closed periods, insider dealing, and dealing code obligations.


The notification obligations of any deals for senior managers and their “closely connected persons”.
Inside Information

Our inside Information eLearning course teaches employees and senior managers on how to spot potential inside information is extremely flexible and allows users to learn at their own pace and time.