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Technology is critical to organisations as they adapt to a changing world and invest in a digital and more sustainable future.

From well-established multi-nationals to high growth tech companies, we help clients realise the opportunities and navigate the challenges presented by the digital economy.

Our tech expertise

The investment and funding cycle

Harnessing tech advances remains a key enabler for businesses to access new opportunities or evolve their operating model. Certain tech verticals such as net zero tech, cyber, the Internet of Things, biotech, and AI will therefore continue to attract significant investment as companies and investors adapt to a new market dynamic and organisations pursue a digital and more sustainable future.  

We support clients with M&A and strategic investments, enabling them to realise opportunities in growth areas, consolidate their market position, or acquire tech and tech talent. We also advise clients across the entire investment cycle – from seed through to IPO and beyond, across all forms of equity and debt finance and in all major markets. Find out more about our Corporate and M&A, Equity Capital Markets, Leveraged Finance and Investment Funds expertise.

Merger control and foreign direct investment

M&A in the tech sector faces unprecedented scrutiny from antitrust and foreign investment authorities globally, who have lowered the thresholds for both jurisdiction and intervention. Heightened scrutiny means heightened execution risk for M&A. We provide clients with a coherent global strategy, critical to navigating merger control and foreign investment approvals successfully. Find out more about our Antitrust and Foreign Investment expertise.

Regulatory reset

Governments and regulators are intervening to regulate the digital economy, and there has been a regulatory reset in the world’s major economies. They are addressing issues ranging from data privacy and AI; to digital services and online harms; to antitrust, foreign investment and merger control; to corporate and digital services taxes.

We enable clients to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape around the world to build and defend successful businesses by providing advice on regulatory compliance, enforcement and litigation (including class actions).

Find out more about our and Data, Online Harms and Antitrust and Foreign Investment and Tax expertise.

Commercialising data

Data has never been more valuable. Companies that successfully leverage data can improve their services and generate new revenue streams. As companies look to innovative ways to commercialise data, they risk regulatory sanctions and value leakage. We help clients to leverage their data for competitive advantage: protecting their intellectual property, establishing commercial arrangements, and navigating regulations across the globe. Find out more about our Antitrust, Data and Intellectual Property expertise.

Digital strategy

Organisations have accelerated their adoption of digital solutions and use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G and facial recognition. Frontier tech such as crypto, NFTs and the metaverse present new opportunities and risks.

We support clients in enabling their digital strategies: acquiring, developing or procuring tech, and protecting their strategic investments. We help clients address the myriad of novel risks and legal issues, particularly in highly regulated environments such as financial services and healthcare.

Find out more about our Technology, outsourcing and procurement expertise and our broader expertise in key sector verticals:

Culture and the future of work

The current climate presents unprecedented challenges for organisations from an employment and culture perspective.

We work closely with clients to address their most strategic employment and reputationally sensitive people-related matters, including workplace culture, the future of work and the impact of employee activism, worker status, diversity and inclusion, pay and incentives, and workforce issues relating to ESG factors and expectations.

Find out more about our Employment and incentives and ESG expertise and visit our dedicated Culture Hub.

Technology will be essential for governments and businesses to deliver on their climate pledges and to achieve Net Zero. No aspect of business will remain unchanged.

Our global team is advising across key industries: power generation, mobility, industry and business processes, the built environment, land and food.

We are working with investors and corporates investing in Net Zero Tech; tech companies undertaking energy projects; Net Zero Tech companies accessing public markets; and businesses developing and/or deploying Net Zero Tech.

We are also well positioned to act for tech companies facing climate litigation: greenwashing claims, and failures in ESG compliance or energy transition.

Find out more about our Net Zero Tech expertise.

Technology and data are increasingly used in sophisticated and complex ways. They are ever more critical to businesses and consumers, meaning that the risks associated with system failures, cyber attacks and misuse of intellectual property can be hugely damaging. Consequently, there is increased focus from regulators and the courts and the cost of dealing with issues is growing substantially.

We work with clients to build operational resilience, respond to tech failures, protect their intellectual property, engage with regulators across the globe and manage complex tech disputes.

Find out more about our Crisis Management, Collective Redress and Litigation, Arbitration & Investigations expertise.

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