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Linklaters Law Compare

A legal compliance toolkit post-Brexit, enabling you to stay ahead of a rapidly-changing regulatory framework in the EU and UK

Our new interactive and collaborative tool, Linklaters Law Compare, has been developed with Single Rulebook.

The divergence between EU and UK law has widened since Brexit and both regimes continue to evolve. Law Compare has been designed to help you navigate this challenge, tracking divergence in real time and providing a comprehensive view of both regimes alongside insight from our subject matter experts.

This interactive and collaborative tool is a tailor-made solution that enables you to identify and respond to the impact on your business. Providing full coverage of the EU and UK MiFID regimes from high-level requirements, through technical standards, to guidance and Q&A, your view of the rules is enhanced by Linklaters’ legal commentary.

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Key benefits for you include:

Easy access to a definitive source on one digital platform.

Quick and efficient within-regime and cross-regime comparison.

Live tracking of increasing divergence.

Tailor notification preferences to help you keep on top of changes across MiFID, EMIR, CRR and MAR.

Access to additional commentary provided by Linklaters subject matter experts.

Traceability in regulatory decision-making across your organisation, saving time and costs.

Ability to annotate the rulebook and share these views with your team.

Powerful and dynamic rule maps enabling you to work more efficiently with regulations.

The ability to follow the regulatory development process, with text searchable by past, present and selected future changes.

Valuable anticipation of legal and regulatory developments to the respective regimes.

A critical path to your legal compliance as you operate across multiple jurisdictions.

Watch our short video to view a demo of the tool

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