Trustee Agenda Spring 2021

Welcome to our spring edition of Trustee Agenda for 2021.

In this Edition we put the spotlight on the two “big ticket” developments which our Trustee clients are currently getting to grips with: the Pension Schemes Act 2021 (which ushers in new funding requirements and strengthened Pensions Regulator powers) and the second decision in the Lloyds Bank case on transfer values (which gives rise to the need for trustees to strike just the right balance between compliance and pragmatism). We also take a look at the new guidance on superfunds (bringing transfers to these consolidation vehicles ever closer) and at the information sharing requirements concerning the much debated pensions dashboards.

Life in the world of pensions is never dull and we hope that the content of our Spring Edition will provide a welcome diversion as the days gradually lengthen and lockdown 3 grinds to an end.

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